• Do I need a passport?

    You´ll need to present a passport, a US passport card, a RealID, an Enhanced Driver License , US Military ID card, or DHS trusted traveler card (Nexus/Sentri, etc.) to enter Mexico and return to the US.

  • Is it safe?

    As long as you are going from the border directly to the dentist’s office, you should have no problem (most of our dentists are in the safe Centro or Rio zones). We advise staying away from the red light district (in the Norte zone).

  • How will I get to the dentist's office?

    Best Mexican Dentists advises you to take an Uber or Lyft over taking a Taxi from the San Diego Airport to the US-Mexican Border/Customs.

    We will provide you with a written document showing the dentist’s name, address, phone number (and our phone number). From the Mexican side, simply show it to a taxi driver and they will take you directly to the dentist.

  • Does the dentist speak English?

    Best Mexican Dentists refers only to dentists who speak English. The office staff may understand varying degrees of English.

  • How will I get back into the U.S.?

    A taxi will take you safely back to the border where you will pass through U.S. Customs and reenter the United States of America.

    You can call an Uber/Lyft to return you to the airport or other designated location of your choice.  Contact Best Mexican Dentists and let us know how you feel about your dental visit.  

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